09/26/2021 Service Livestream – UNTO HIM (Ephesians 3:20-21)

Unto Him (Ephesians 3:20-21)

“to Him be glory in the church”

As Paul writes the words of this great book, he is overwhelmed by the truths he has been privileged to learn. So, after he prays for the Ephesian saints, he lifts his voice in praise to the One Who made all this possible.

“doxology” = “doxology” is “a word of glory.” It is simply a statement of praise that honors the Lord’s majesty, that ascribes glory to Him that exalts Him.


Having told us about the glory of God in saving us, Paul prays for the church. He prays for three specific things to happen:

– He prays that they will be filled with God’s power – 3:16.

– He prays that they will both know and live out the awesome love of God – 3:17 – 19a

– He prays that they will be able to experience the very fullness of God Himself – 3:19b.

Every true believer wants a closer relationship with the Lord Often, we think we will never achieve our spiritual goals, and we can’t in ourselves. His power exceeds the limits of our weakness and He is able to help us achieve holiness and godliness in our lives.