The Rich Man and The Beggar

The Rich Man and The Beggar

Luke 16:19-32

Jesus uses the story of the Rich Man and the Beggar to illustrate two different lifestyles and their affect on our lives.

There was a specific target

The Rich Man – he represents the religious well to do

He had a wealthy home – you could feel the warmth in the well taken care of house

He was a well provided for man – he had food for many, and had enough to host many more

He was well clothed – he would have had many rare clothes

He was a pretend religious man – he looked religious on the outside and like many rich pharisees of his time, would have claimed himself a direct descendent of Abraham

He was a lost man – when he died, he went to Hell

The Beggar – he represents the weak and down trodden, ones who were not in church or were not allowed in church

He had a poor home – his house and neighborhood would have been poor and only possessed the basic necessities

He was poorly provided for – he was disabled and had to beg for food

He was despised – he wore soiled clothes, was sick and had no one to care for him

He was desperately hungry – he desired crumbs to eat

He was a real religious man, a saved man – he was carried by Angels to Abraham’s side when he died

There are two eternalness

The Rich Man and the Beggar died and was buried

The Rich Man woke in Hell and torments

The Beggar woke in the comfort of Heaven

The Beggar

He was perhaps was assisted by his lack of wealth, he knew he had only what he needed materially

The Rich Man

The horror was physical

He was in torments



The horror was visible

He could see the other side

He turned into a begger, he begged for a drop of water

There was a separation

In Life

The Rich Man and Beggar were separated by wealth

In Death

The Rich Man and Beggar were separated by eternaty

There was a prayer

The Rich Man prayed to have the rest of his family saved

The Rich Man was told that he already had that chance

He had the Word of God

He heard the stories

The Rich Man begged to be sent back from the dead to warn his family

He was told no

He was told that if they wont hear the simple Word of God, they wouldn’t hear it if a miracle happened

The basic premise of this story is, if you wont believe this, you wont believe anything.