The Church Has Left the Building

The Church Has Left The Building
Ephesians 3:1-20

In order for the church to fulfill its role in Bible prophecy, we need to leave the building, get out and spread the Word of God.

There are 2 reasons people don’t attend church

Church is not relevant

Church is for “church people”

The church is going to have to leave the building for it to work

In the Bible, the church was never used to define a building

In Biblical times, the church was meant to define a gathering of people

There are four functions of the church, as defined by God:





Three of the four can be done in a church building, but evangelism can best  be done outside the church building

Billy Graham’s crusades won many tens of thousands of people to Christ, but Billy didn’t do it all by himself.  Someone had to invite someone else, offer transportation, or advertise for the events.

God’s plan for the church to leave the building is to:

Include everyone – there are no outsiders, God wants to include everyone (Rev. 22:17)

Strengthen you – or give you confidence, because God has confidence in you

Think big – even the angels in Heaven learn about Christ through us (Eph. 3:8-10, 1 Peter 1:12)

The biggest thing we can do in our life, aside from accepting Christ in our own life, is to help lead someone to eternal life with Christ.