A Spiritual Check-Up

A Spiritual Check-up

Mark 12:35-44


Your Spiritual Check-up begins with:


Your View of Jesus

Does it need corrected

He’s not the “best man”

He’s the savior of the world

Is it out of focus

He’s not just the baby in the manger

He’s the coming King

The cure is the Scriptures

Are we in the Scriptures enough to get an adequate view of Jesus?

Believers must be in the Scriptures to have a well focused view of Jesus

Seekers must be in the Scriptures to know who Jesus is


A genuine practice of your Faith

Genuine praise, not prideful praise

These verses show the pride of the scribes

They wanted to be the center of everything

They wanted to be recognized for what they do

Genuine praise, not greedy praise

These verses show greed of the scribes

They tricked people into letting them take other’s houses

God tells us what we should be doing

The scribes were hypocrites

They said one thing, an did another

Their treatment of others was inconsistent with their faith

Is our treatment of others consistent with our faith

The cure is worship

We need to be constantly in contact with the Living God


A whole-hearted commitment to God

Jesus watched as people gave

The rich gave of their abundance

The poor woman gave of her need

Jesus was asked who gave more

He surprised them all be saying the poor woman

She gave less than a penny, but she have all that she had

Jesus did not condemn the rich for their gifts, as they should

Jesus praised the poor woman for her gift

The cure is a total commitment to God

Jesus doesn’t measure how much we give, but how much we have left


Your Prescription:


A worshipful heart in peace and in prosperity

We must be able to worship in times of peace

We must remain worshipful in times of prosperity

A repentant heart in failure

It’s a very tough thing to repent

Every one of us have failed, and will fail

We need to be able to repent when we do

A trusting heart in a crisis

We can sometimes get too caught up in the crisis to be any good

We must be able to trust God to get us through our crisis

A humble heart in victory

We must be careful not to take too much credit away from God in good times


Have you passed your spiritual check-up?