God’s Weapon in the Hands of God

God’s Weapon in the Hands of God
2 Samuel 23:9-10

A Faith Baptist Bible Study

This is the story of Eleazar, one of King David’s “mighty men”.  He is particularly remembered for his heroic deeds in a battle with the Philistines.  One of the many lessons we learn from him is that the enemy will often take us back to old battlegrounds; places where he’s held us up in the past.

1. The Sufficiency of Eleazar’s Weapon
     A weapon he had confidence in
     A weapon he was familiar with

What is the weapon God has placed in your hand?

2. The Stubbornness of Eleazar’s Grip
     The situation seemed helpless
     All human resources were gone
               Persuing – to cling unto
               Welding – the sword was welded to Eleazar’s hand

Eleazar and His sword became one instrument!

3. The Secret of Eleazar’s Victory
     Eleazar means God is my helper

The victory is mine, when the battle is the Lord’s!

     Commit yourself to:
          Know the Word – Eph. 6:17
          Use the Word – 2 Cor. 10:4
          Share the Word – Rom. 10:17