02/26/2023 Service Livestream – 3 Life Changing Words (Matthew 11:28)

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3 Life Changing Words (Matthew 11:28)

Jesus was giving His disciples a lesson on following Him. He wants them to come to Him, Take His Yoke and follow him.

This passage tells of 4 attitudes about Jesus THEN and NOW. There are those with doubts about Him, those who are critical of Him, the careless and the childlike.

He tells them to:

  1. Come-
    Who should come? The weary. Those with burdens, The worn out, the frustrated and burned out. We should come to Him first!
  2. Take-

Then Jesus challenges them to-

  1. Learn (of Him) –
  • His mind-
  • His life-
  • From His life-
  • From His heart-

Do you need to come to Jesus?
If we come, we need to take. And once we take, we need to learn.