05/02/2021 Service Livestream – The God of Second Chances

The God of Second Chances!!! (Peter Understands Forgiveness) John 21:1-25

In this visit with Disciples’, Jesus asks Peter three times, “Do you love me.” There were three denials – and three opportunities to affirm commitment. Notice:

First, the pain of failure- 

Second, Personal responsibility for Peter-

Third, the New mission for Peter-

Fourth, the result forgiveness-

  • heartfelt worship: Acts 4:31 – 
  • joyful witness: Acts 2:14-
  • study of Scripture: Peter’s sermon in Acts 2-
  • fellowship with fellow Christians-
  • service to those outside the church: Acts 3:1-11-

After the Resurrection, Peter rediscovered Jesus. He rediscovered the fact that His standing with Jesus is not affected by success or failure. Let’s learn from Peter, it’s our standing with Jesus that enables us to attain new heights.