04/25/2021 Service Livestream

Jesus Visits His Disciples After the Resurrection (John 21:1-19)

Our Lord’s visits with a few of His disciples during the forty days between His resurrection and His ascension.

It is hard for us to realize the tough times the disciples had lived in.

What a dreadful experience for them! – until early on Easter morning.

We’ll look at a few individuals and groups of people He met with, because they are typical of those whom the Lord meets today.

  1. MARY MAGDALENE, overwhelmed with grief which was turned into joy-
  1. TWO DISCIPLES, sad and disappointed, whose outlook was changed –
  1. A GROUP OF DISCIPLES, very fearful, who experienced His peace and joy-
  2. THOMAS, who could not believe without evidence, until Jesus appeared-
  3. PETER, who was forgiven, restored and re-commissioned