The Ascension Quartet in Concert November 10th!

Come and see The Ascension Quartet in concert November 10th at 6:00pm!


The 1970s saw many changes in the world: the first resignation of a U.S. president, the end of the Vietnam War, runaway inflation, oil shortages, and the beginning of rampant terrorist attacks. It was a time of turmoil, a time of people searching for meaning to life, and a time when the Word of God needed to be presented in earnest to a world that seemingly had lost its direction.

It was during this period that the Ascension Quartet, a Southern Gospel group with a mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in song, was formed. The group set ministry — not entertainment — as its goal. Not content with just the short-term aim of sharing happiness for an hour or two, the Ascension shared with people how to have the joy of knowing Jesus as their personal Savior for a lifetime. Today’s Ascension Quartet members still share this same endeavor.  Based in Lebanon, Missouri, this group travels thousands of miles each year bringing a message of love and joy through song to congregations large and small. With the intentions of ministry over money, this non-profit group is made of members who have been “raised” in church and understands evangelism and that winning people to Christ is the main reason they sing and tell about the love of Jesus. The qualities of each man come together as a team that has the work of the Lord at heart.

While the emphasis of the Ascension is in bringing their music to churches and worshiping with those congregations, the group also performs in concert settings for private events, fund-raising benefits, state fairs, civic functions, and other ministry opportunities. Many non-church audiences around the country have been given the good news in secular places.

Thirty years past its beginning, the Ascension is still going strong, singing and telling thousands that God loves them, and Jesus died to save them. The next time the Ascension is in your area, come out and worship with them — you’ll be glad you did.