07/31/2022 Service Livestream – The Normal Christian Life

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The Normal Christian Life  (Colossians 2:6-15)

When you hear the word ‘normal,’ what does it mean? 

Keep in mind that “average” is markedly different from the norm. 

Average is more a mathematical equation while what’s considered ‘normal’ is a standard. This is particularly true in the concept of a “normal Christian life.”

1. For Those Who Are Christians – Vs 13-15

The Bible says, He makes us alive together with HIM! What a promise. This is His offer to us. This is His gift to us. How? The Bible tells us that God did it by the Cross of Jesus.

2. How To Grow as a Christian – vs 6-7

The plan for our development in the Lord- 

“AS (or since) you have received Christ (this speaks of your personal decision to follow Christ or be saved) – WALK IN HIM.”

3. A Warning For The Christian – Vs 8 – 

“Beware, take care, take heed, or watch out” – if you don’t pay attention, you can be TAKEN CAPTIVE by the thinking of this world.”

4. The Description of the Christian – Vs 9-12 – 

The normal Christian life is to be focused on Jesus! In these three verses, we read 3 times “IN Him” and 2 times “WITH Him.”

How about you? When it comes to the Christian life, are you normal? Wearing the ‘name’ Christian means you are like Christ – so does this fit you?