08/15/2021 Service Livestream – From Generation to Generation (Psalm 78)

From Generation To Generation (Psalm 78)

As a church, I Believe the Lord is leading us to consider ourselves ‘generationally,’ for the sake of the future!

If this is to happen, then it’s up to us gathered here this morning, by God’s grace, to see it thru! It’s time to claim responsibility [own it!]… to lay aside the ‘consumer mentality’ that asks ‘what can this church do for me?’ and have a ‘contributor mentality,’ asking, ‘what can I do for the church God has led me to?’

Probably the best examples of the Do’s and Don’ts of one generation leading the next generation in serving the Lord is the children of Israel. They closely resemble America.

3 Things Israel Did Wrong:

1. Lacked faith. They didn’t _______ God at His _________.

2. Lacked obedience. They didn’t hearken to God’s __________.

3. Lacked purity. They didn’t ___________ in holiness.

What will we see when we look back from the future? Will we limit God, or will we lead the next great generation in serving God?!