02/28/21 Service Livestream

“Things that Accompany Salvation” – Hebrews 6:1-9

Even though the recipients of the letter were victims of persecution, the call of the author is for them to persevere in their faith.

The original hears of Hebrews, lived in a time of crisis:

  • A theological crisis
  • a time of political crisis
  • the church was in crisis

You might say that this letter was written to folks like us! Let’s look at the four words in the 9th verse – “things that accompany salvation.” 

This was written to the first century Christians, and us, to challenge believers to display in every way, “the things that accompany salvation.”

A Divine Change – 

A Genuine and Sincere Love – 

A Surrendered Life – 

A Desire to Win people to Christ – 

Think on these things. Check your life and your service and ministry for the Lord in the light of these powerful words from the Scriptures.