What If John 3:16 Were Not True?

What If John 3:16 Were Not True?

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16

What if God had not Loved the World?

Without God’s love

There would be no hope in this world at all

We would be a dark planet hurtling through space

Every prayer would be a useless cry

Every death would be a final act

But God’s love is everywhere

In every blade of grass

In the face of every child

What if God had not Given His Son?

What if instead of His Son

He gave us what we deserve

He just sent us all to Hell, instead of an opportunity for Heaven

But God does love us

Love is in giving

God Gave His son

Without God’s son, we are hopeless

What if God’s Offer of Salvation Wasn’t for the Whosoever?


It’s general, but very particular

It’s for everyone, but it’s for you and me

What if God offered Salvation selectively

To the rich

To the healthy or the fit

To the educated

Some of us, wouldn’t have a chance

He wants us all, just the way we are

It’s good to “clean up”, but God’s not waiting for that

It’s good to “do good”, but God’s not waiting for that

God wants us, just as we are, where we are.

What if God’s Offer Wasn’t Based on Faith Alone?

What if we had to work to be saved

We couldn’t possibly work enough

We would always be stained

We would wilt away

What if we had to “religion” to be saved

If salvation was tied to a church or denomination

If salvation was tied to acts like baptism

Look at the story of the thief

On the cross, the thief asked Jesus to remember him in Heaven

The thief, who had wronged enough to be sent to death

The thief, who now one wanted to be around

Jesus told the thief, that because of his faith, he would be in Heaven with Him

Have you put your faith fully in Jesus Christ?

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