It’s all about Faith!

It’s all about Faith

Measuring Your Faith

Matthew 9:29

Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.

What Jesus did not say it was according to:

not Fate

not Fame

not Friends

not Feelings

There are five different kinds of Faith affection out lives

Natural Faith

Faith in a mailbox, that the letters will be delivered

Intellectual Faith

Baking a cake would demonstrate intellectual faith, that the result would come out according to following the ingredients.

Historical Faith

We believe that George Washington lived and was our first President

Saving Faith

Bible Faith, the belief that God will save us through our faith in Jesus

Victorious Faith

We believe God will give us the opportunity to lead someone to Christ

Differing Degrees of Faith

No Faith

Do not have the faith to step out and say, “I’ll do something” or “God, give me guidance”

Little Faith

Not having the trust to follow what God has set forth for you to do

Weak Faith

An immature Christian, someone who needs help, loving and “stronger” Christians to receive them

Dead Faith

Genuine faith always brings action, you can tell someone has faith when it is genuine.  Dead faith shows nothing.

Vain Faith

Empty faith, showing faith in something that can do nothing for you.

Great Faith

Full of Faith

Steadfast Faith

Someone you can count on to be faithful at any time.

Rich in Faith

Someone who’s faith is more valuable than money

Precious Faith

Holy Faith

People of Faith


He was able to sacrifice the lamb by faith


He was so rich in faith that he walked with God and did not see death


Prepared an Ark to save him, his house, and the rest of this world


He followed God, even though he did not know where he was supposed to go when he left


Delivered a child by faith when she was past the age of bearing children


By faith put the blessing on Jacob and Esau


Blessed both the sons of Joseph


Turned down all that Pharaoh had to offer


Watched the walls of Jericho fall


Her faith saved her household

Questions About Faith

What is Faith?

A belief in something that has no evidence of being seen

Where do we get Faith?

Faith comes from hearing/reading God’s Word, the Bible

What does Faith do for a sinner?

Faith brings Salvation to the sinner

What does Faith do for the saint (believer)?

Faith is the overcoming factor.  Christians with great faith do great works and accomplish great things for God

What can we do by Faith?

The Bible says we can walk by faith, pray in faith, and add to our faith

What should we not do about our Faith?

Depart from our faith (not from salvation, departing from faith)

Deny the faith

Error from faith (teaching only part of the Bible or things not from the Bible)

Waver in faith

Faith sees the invisible, denies the improbable, and concurs the impossible

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