The Greatest Book in the Bible

The Greatest Book in the Bible

Romans 1:1

Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God

If your life is bottoming out, you need to check your foundation.  This sermon focuses on the book that changes the world.

There are many books that changed the world

Mein Kampf

It laid out the foundations of the nazi beleif

It let to World War 2


He was a converted athiest

He declared God was dead

Das Kapital

It laid out the foundation of communism

It lead to the communist revolution

The Origin of Species

It claimed mankind was an accident of nature

Books have power, but no book has had more power than this one

The book of Romans has been called the Constitution of Christianity

The power of this book has many examples

Martin Luther

Has saved by Roman’s 1

Lead the Protestant Reformation

St. Augustine

Had guilt but didn’t know what to do with it

Romans saved him

He became one of the greatest theologians

John Wesley

Had a burden to be a missionary and went to the America’s, in a settlement in present day Georgia

The Wesley Revival began after he read through Romans

The book of John covers the Gospel, but Romans tells the rest

The Book of Romans Table of Contents

Sin – Chapters 1-3

Salvation – Chapters 4-6

Sanctification – Chapters 7-8

Sovereignty – Chapters 9-11

Service – Chapters 12-16

The Apostle Paul

Paul was a highly educated Roman citizen

Paul killed many christians

Paul was saved on the road to Damascus

Paul changed his name

His name used to be Saul – meaning big

Paul means little, and that’s how he introduces himself to us

He considered himself the least of the apostles

Paul knew you may be too big for God to use, but you are never too small

Paul was a servant of Jesus Christ called to be an Apostle

The word servant means slave

Paul liken himself to a bond slave

Bond slave is one who chooses to be a willing slave

Bond slaves were marked

Paul says he bears the marks of being a bond service to Christ

Paul says follow me as I follow Christ

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