Are we sleeping our spiritual lives away?

Are we sleeping our spiritual lives away?

Romans 13:11

We should not be resting on being saved.  We should not be thinking that saving the lost is someone else’s job, or someone else will do it, we should be getting out and reaching the lost.

The right passion

Another word would be drive

Paul’s drive was to reach lost people

Paul’s drive suggests witnessing is not an option

The opposite is spiritual sleep

Jonah – he slept the sleep of unconcern

God told him to go one way and he went the other

Jonah thought the people needed to be punished

Peter, James and John – slept the sleep of the unprepared

Jesus was facing his greatest spiritual challenge of His life

Jesus asked hem to come and pray with Him

They fell asleep instead

Samson – slept the sleep of the unaware

Once he revealed the source of his power, he lost it

He didn’t know the Spirit of The Lord left while he slept

He was over confident

He didn’t take the time to see how bad it was around him

The right priority

The main thing about being saved is to reach the lost

This is what Paul was all about

There is a church on almost every corner in the US

Some only consider church a social event

Others only want to care about others in the church

The right presentation

We are all put to shame by cults

They put effort into their message

We have the True Message

We need to put the same effort into our Message

He right message, coupled with love, results in souls saved!

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