What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 1:21-25

A name is something that distinguishes one person from another.  It allows us to tell one person, place or a thing apart.  That wasn’t always the way it was.  In biblical times, a name described a person’s reputation.  Parents would name their children that would divulge their hopes and dreams for their child.  It was a mark, or a brand of that person.

Some biblical names and their meaning:

David – Beloved

Abraham – Holder of a Nation

Jacob – Trickster

His Name Reveals His Personality

(Emmanuel – God with us)

A Supernatural baby

God in human form

A Supernatural birth

A virgin birth

A Supernatural battler

He came to earth to battle Satan and sin

His Name Reveals His Purpose

(Jesus – Jehovah is Salvation)

His Desire

He came to seek and save the lost

His Deliverance

He came to set the captives (us) free

His Death

Salvation could only happen because of Jesus’s death

His Name Reveals His Power

He is the Supernatural One

Man can not comprehend his power

He is the Supervising One

He is our leader, the one who plans the path

He is the Sovereign One

The Mighty God, our Hero

He is the Sustaining One

The everlasting God, our source

He created us through Adam and re-created us through Jesus

We are His children, we are His responsibility to provide for us

He is the Satisfying One

Jesus is the creator and sustainer of our peace

What’s in a name?  Everything, if that name is Jesus!

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