Do You Trust Me Enough to Walk With Me?

Do you trust Me enough to walk with Me?

Mark 5:21-43

There are actually two separate encounters with Jesus in this passage.  But are they really separate?  Is Jesus teaching a deeper lesson than that of His Healing Power?

The First Encounter

Your Need

Jesus walks with you

Jairus asked Jesus to come and heal his daughter

Jesus went with him

The Second Encounter

Your Interruption

Jesus asks you to walk with Him

A woman in the crowd touched Jesus

Jesus stops to minister to that woman

Jairus had to wait and focus on Jesus

Interruptions are not meant to harm us, but to guide us

The Lesson:

Jesus is saying

Do you trust Me enough to walk with Me?

Jesus is no respecter of persons

Jesus would minister the wealthy Jairus

Jesus would minister to the outcast woman

While the woman was healed, Jairus’s daughter died

The messenger told Jairus not to trouble Jesus anymore

Jesus told Jairus not to be afraid, just believe

Jesus said:

“Take up your cross and follow Me.”

Do you trust Me enough to keep walking with Me?

Jesus asked Jairus to walk with Him

With the bad news Jairus had a choice to keep following Jesus

Jesus went into the house and healed Jairus’s daughter

Jesus is asking us if we trust Him enough to walk with Him

In times of bad

Don’t throw in the towel

Don’t give up

Just keep walking

Are you ready to walk with Jesus?

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