You Ask Me How I Know He Lives

You ask me how I know He Lives

John 21:1-22

I know He Lives because He can do for His Own what no one else can do.  He can:

Find His Sheep

The Disciples had left their Savior

They went back to their regular lives

They thought He left them

Jesus came to them

Jesus didn’t save them just to return to their regular lives

He knows where to find us when we go astray as well

He doesn’t save us just to have us return to our regular lives either

Feed His Servants

Jesus asked the Dicsiples if they’d caught anything

They said no

He said to try again

They then recognized that Jesus was with them

Jesus was able to provide all that they lacked

Jesus prepared them a meal

When He told them to pull in their nets, the nets were full

Jesus is able to provide all that we lack

For us to worry is foolish

The Disciples fished all night with no luck

When Jesus showed up, their nets were full

The lesson is: “Without God, we can do nothing”

Fellowship with His Saints

Jesus brought in the tired and weary Disciples and fellowshipped with them

Jesus Lives because we can have fellowship with Him

Buddha doesn’t fellowship

Allah doesn’t fellowship

God does

There are sometimes Jesus just shows up

David and Goliath

Daniel in the lions den

The fiery furnace



Many more written examples, but he also shows up in our lives

Forgive our Sins

Jesus asks Peter three times if Peter loves Him

Jesus asked three times in relation to how many times Peter denied Him

He then asked Peter to feed His sheep

We all have or will fail Jesus at least once in our lives

The difference is, Jesus forgives us of our sins

Focus our Service

Jesus tells Peter it doesn’t matter what he does with others

Jesus tells him it’s what He will do for him that matters

Jesus also tells him it’s what he will to for Him that matters

Jesus tells Peter to follow Him

Peter probably thought Jesus was done with him since he denied Christ

Jesus still wanted to use him

Jesus still wants to use us

Jesus is still alive today, is He alive in you?

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