Samson’s Finest Hour

Samson’s Finest Hour

Judges 15:18-20

This is a story about Samson.  He was the most powerful of all Judges, but the weakest spiritually.  He spent most of his time seeking revenge on others.  Most of his life should be studied, but not duplicated.  There are some times where Samson could be copied:

A Short Back Story

He had just killed 1,000 Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey

It was at a time of the wheat harvest

It left him spent, completely worn out

He was so thirsty, he was afraid he would die

God brought him to this point to teach him a lesson

That he was not self sufficient

After killing 1,000 men, he still couldn’t meet his basic needs

Without God, we can do absolutely nothing

He must have gotten this, because he was given 20 good years

Samson’s Cry

In his thirst, he had no one to call on but God

This was one of his weakest moments

In this weak moment, he did the right thing

He cried a prayer to God

It was a cry of humility

He was not used to being humbled

He nevertheless knew that, at this moment, only God could meet his needs

It was a cry of honor

He took the time to exult God in his prayer

He acknowledged God’s power

How God helped him slay 1,000 men

He acknowledged God’s person

God was the Master

He was God’s servant

He acknowledged God’s preeminence

He knew that if he died, he would fall into the hands of the Philistines

He know that they would use his death to disgrace God

God’s Response

God made water flow from the jawbone Samson was holding

There are a couple odd things about this

Donkeys were considered unclean animals

Samson’s people were supposed to stay away from dead animals

When you look closer, though, it starts to make sense

Lehi and donkey were used as the same thing

Possibly the water came from the ground instead of the jawbone

God can do whatever he needs to do to make miracles happen

Even if God used the bone of an unclean animal, it shows God can still use it

The bottom line is, that you can’t out do or out give the blessings of God

What Happened to Samson

Samson has a revival

God gave him what he needed

Samson was revived

Like Samson, we all need revival once and a while

In times of burden

In times of change

Samson did have a change

He judged Israel for 20 years

Though there is no known record, conculstions can be drawn because of his tenure

It was a time of peace

It was a time of devotion

All this can show that God is a present help, all we have to do is call upon Him

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