What We Should be Remembering

What We Should be Remembering

Psalm 46

There are many things to remember about this day, but what should we remember most about this day.

About that day

The cost of human lives

Over 3,000 people lost their lives

The lives of those who have forever been changed

The extraordinary acts of heroism

The people who risked and gave their lives to help others

We never know how much time we have

We should share the Gospel with everyone we can

Even as the buildings burned one man was sharing the Gospel and let many to the Lord

Islam is not just another demomination

Just because they claim to worship one god, it doesn’t mean that they’re worshiping our God

Allah is not our God

The state of our country’s relationship with God

Many thought this would bring many others back to church

There was a spike for a short time

Now, attendance is back to pre-9/11 levels or below

About our security

God is with us

God is our security

God is our strength

God is not a far off source, He is always present

There is one symbol that still stands strong

The cross

God still cares for us

God did not cause 9/11

God was not surprised by 9/11

God was saddened by it

God may not prevent another attack in the future

God will comfort us if we let Him

God asks us to cast our cares upon Him

He blots out our sins for His sake

He will cleanse us if we confess to Him

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