How We Get Home after being a Prodigal

How We Get Home after being a Prodigal

Luke 15 11:32

The story of the Prodigal Son is one that many already know.  One thing we do not often think about is that, at some point in our lives, we will be or know of a Prodigal ourselves.  If we find ourselves a Prodigal, below are some lessons that show us how we can come home.

How to know when we as a Prodigal are ready to come home

When we leave our father’s home behind

When we realize that we really didn’t have it all that bad at home

When we begin to live like the world around us

When there is no difference between us and the world

When we loose our father’s blessings

When we can’t be at home

When we have nothing

No Peace

No Security

When we long for our father’s house

How should a Prodigal come home

We should go home with resolve

We should go home with repentance

When our circumstances cause us to change

We should go home with respect

What should happen when a Prodigal comes home

We find love

It’s always been there, we may have just been too blind to see it

We find luxury

After repenting, and asking for forgiveness, we receive what we had before

What if we are on the opposite side, what if we are waiting for a Prodigal to come home

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific list of things to do if we are waiting for a Prodigal to come home.  There are, however, some similar situations in the Bible that we can learn from.

Our influence to that Prodigal should primarily be without words (1 Peter 3)

We can not setup situations to try to force a change

Our greatest influence is our behavior

We should not give up hope for the Prodigal’s return home

Our Prodigal is not beyond the Lord’s reach

The Lord is still working in the Prodigal’s life

We may not see it

They may not even see it

The Lord, himself, is longing to see our Prodigal come home

The most important thing to remember, for the Prodigal or the person waiting for the Prodigal

While we are thinking we don’t know what to do, the Lord is there beside us

He helps us

He gives us rest

He comforts us

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