What Everyone Should bring to Church

What Everyone Should bring to Church

Psalm 100

We bring all kinds of things to church. Perhaps some things should be left at home, and some things everyone of us should bring to church with us.

We Should Bring:

The Right Spirit

A Joyful Spirit

make – music, it references singing in the Psalms

joyful – works of God, it references or joy for God’s abilities

noise – raise a shout, genuine praise is vocal

A Serving Sprirt

serve – do the will of the Master, we are to be willing to be at His beckoned call

gladness – mirth, accompanied wig laughter

A Singing Spirit

singing – something we can’t hold in

The Right Submission

Submit to the person of God

know – make a distinction

Submit to the purpose of God

made – take material and fashion something new out of it

Submit to the promise of God

the sheep of His pasture – we belong to Him.  Just as the shepherd looks after his flock, Jesus looks after us.

The Right Sacrifice

Hebrews 10:10 explains why we need to sacrifice

We are told to bring the sacrifice of praise for our salvation

We are invited to enter His courts where we can worship Him together

Three reasons for Praising His Name

His Goodness

His Grace

His Guarantee that His truth endures forever

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