The First Sermon after the Resurrection

The First Sermon after the Resurrection 


Before we know about the sermon, we must first know about the day.

A few things about the day:

It was a glorious day

It was the day of Pentecost

It was the day the Holy Spirit came to the Apostles

The Sermon

Who and What

Given by Peter, with the other Apostles with him

Before they started, they had to address something

That they were not drunken

It was to prepare them for the truth

The resurrection of Christ

It’s the most important part of the sermon

The purpose of the resurrection was to serve at the right hand of the Father

The evidence of the resurrection David said it would happen

The eye witnesses of the resurrection The Apostles all saw it

The Audience

They were moved because they realized they were responsible for killing  Jesus

They asked what they should do

Peter told them they needed to repent and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus

Peter told them that only they could do that, that he and the Apostles could not do it for them (that they could not save them)

It’s not easy to accept that answer, many people would rather be told to give or do some other act. Many do not understand that it is that simple. That all we have to do to receive our home in Heaven is to repent and ask Jesus to save us.

Our Faith is not always based on understanding, but it is based on faith

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