Let’s Write a Psalm

Let’s Write a Psalm! 

Isa. 38:17-20

Miracle after miracle surrounded Hezekiah’s life. He was a Godly king who when he asked God to do the unthinkable, God did it!

Hezekiah’s Condition

His bitterness (an emotional response to something that’s crushing your spirit)

His grief (in the pit of corruption)

Hezekiah’s Conversion

It didn’t involve getting saved, he already was

It involved God’s

Purpose – God’s will in Hezekiah’s life

Conviction – brings bitterness to an end, and peace with God

Power – had nothing to do with Hezekiah, it was God’s power alone

Compassion – because God loved Hezekiah

Purification – God took away all Hezekiah’s sins

Hezekiah’s Confession (Psalm)

A lesson about the lost

A lesson about the living

A lesson about the Lord

Every child of God has a similar song to sing. Wouldn’t you like to pause today and give Him thanks for His grace?

Lord, I want to Praise you for __________ in my life!

You give my life __________!

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