Paul’s S.O.S

Paul’s S.O.S.  “Winning the War Within”

Romans 7:7-25

“…The good I want to do…I don’t. The evil I don’t want to do…I do!?”

Paul’s Desire is to do things that are pleasing to God

But because he is a “new creature” (born again) he is at war with his old self

No matter how many times we go to church or how much scripture we can quote, we will have times when we are weak

Dueling natures

Sin nature at war with God

We are at war with our old sinful self

We are at war with the things of the world

Spiritual nature at war with satan

Prepare for war

Many saints have been wounded by the things of this world (not loosing their salvation, but loosing their effectiveness)

Whenever we are not opening the Bible or open to learning about God we are at risk of being wounded

Our strategy

A. We must seek, first, the kingdom of God and His righteousness

Seeking the things of God will keep us from seeking the things of this world

How do we seek God?

Reading the Word of God

Talking with God

Praying to God

B. We must study to show ourselves approved unto God

We can’t fight a war without knowing what we have

When we study His word, it takes root in our heart

Every time we use the scripture against sin, it stops it

C. We must be mindful of the importance of prayer

If we are on good communication with God in the good times, then it would be easier to pray with God during the tough times

D. There must be a transformation of our minds

We must think better, and the only way to know what to think, is to read about it in the Bible

Because Jesus lives, I can face tomorrow!

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