Two Loves

Two Loves

Luke 10:25-37

Matthew 22:34-40

1. Love for God

A. Love Him Passionately – “with all thy heart”

1. “Thy heart” speaks of emotion

2. “All” thy heart speaks of exclusivity

B. Love Him Personally – “with all thy soul”

1. “Thy soul” speaks of identity

2. “All” thy soul speaks of intimacy

C. Love Him Expressively- “with all thy strength”

1. Jesus expressed His love for us on the cross

2. Love makes us want to do something for someone

D. Love Him Intellectually – “with all thy mind”

1. This helps us avoid evil

We must not respond to God’s whole-hearted love in a half-hearted manner!

2. Love for Others

A. Others is anyone who needs help

B. Loving others requires affection

The priest looking on the victim with a total lack of concern

The Levite looked upon the victim with curiosity

The Samaritan looked upon the victim with compassion

C. Loving others requires action

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