Ready for Heaven, but Needed on Earth

Ready for Heaven, but needed on Earth! 

Phil. 2:23-26

1.  Paul’s Dilemma – “Strait”

Strait is a word we don’t used often today, here are some of the ways it was used then:

Used as a siege

Used as narrow space between two points

Used as a cattle squeeze, pressing in on both sides

Used as a prisoner

His body is here, but his heart was there.

2.  Paul’s Desire – “Depart”

Some of the ways deapart was used:

It was a military term, meaning the battle was over and they army was

heading home

It was a sailor’s term, to loose the ship and sail off

It was a farmer’s term, to take the yoke off oxen after the work was


It was a traveler’s term, to put the horses in the barn when the journey was


It was a political term, to set prisoners free

Paul longs for the Lord – “far better”

3.  Paul’s Debt – “Service”

Paul wanted to go to Heaven, but he knew he was needed right here.

Paul understands that he was a conduit, that he was being used for the Glory of

God.  Even while he was in prison.

While our hearts strings are being tugged towards our home in Heaven, we must come to terms with some truths of being a Christian:

God saved us to work

Every saint has a job

Every saint has a debt

Every saint will be rewarded

We live in a world headed for Hell

How would you finish this verse?

“For me to live is _____ and to die is _____”

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