The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper 

1 Corinthians 11:17-34

As we observe the Lord’s supper, we must remember that this tradition is as old as Christianity its self.  In fact, Jesus started it!

2 Ordinances


The Lord’s Supper

Ways the Lord’s supper is observed

Closed – participation is for members only

Open – everyone can participate

We, at Faith, observe close – everyone who is saved can participate

It’s a symbolic service

4 views of what communion represents

Transubstantiation – bread and wine literally being turned into Jesus’s body

Consubtantiation – bread and wine contain Jesus’s body

Reformed – Jesus’s spirit is in the bread and wine

Memorial – rememberance of what Jesus did for us

What we are to remember

His agony – the price Jesus paid to save our souls

His achievement – Jesus died, but arose 3 days later

His appearing – we remember he died for us until he comes again

It’s a sacred service

Instituted by Christ

Witnesses to Christ

It’s a special service

Coming together to

Repent our sins, our selfishness

Renew our commitment to Jesus

It’s a serious service

Be sure

You are saved

You are right with God

You take it in the right spirit

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