Understanding Our Valleys

Understanding Our Valleys 

Psalm 143:1-12

We may not believe it, but God is in charge of all of life. He controls the valleys. He determines their depth, their length, and their duration. He sends the valleys to develop us and make us more like Him. Let us not waste them!

We must learn from

The pain in the Valley

It does not say anywhere in the Bible that we will not suffer pain

It can be the pain of darkness, a pain of no help

It can be a pain of depression, a pain of no heart

It can be a pain of despair, a pain of no hope

Our valleys are often shared with someone else

Not that we’re a burden to them, or we are part of their problem, but we could be part of the solution

The prize in the Valley

A prize of repentance

When “we clear the air” and share our valley with someone

A prize of remembrance

When we remember everything God has done for us

A prize of reliance

We find ourselves relying totally on God

The path from the Valley

The path of prayer

It’s not books, TV or radio, it’s communication with God

Many times, we are told to simply wait

The path of praise


If we can’t praise Him in a valley, we have no business praising Him on the mountain

The path of practice

Walking with the Lord

Do the will of God

We will waste our valleys if…

…we don’t believe it was designed for us by God.

…we think it’s a curse, not a gift.

…we spend too much time reading about our valleys, and not enough time reading about Christ.

…we grieve as we have no hope.

…we fail to use our valleys as a way to show the glory of God.

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