The Most Important Question

The most important question 

Acts 16:22-34


The question

What must I do to be saved?

The reason for the question


The jailer believed he would die


He trusted that they’d know the answer

 The response to the question

They could have said you’ve heard us singing, you know already

 Paul instead pointed the jailer to Jesus

Jesus is the only way to be saved

It’s His blood alone that saves

It’s He who will return someday to claim His people

Paul tells the jailer about the plan

Paul tells him to place his faith in Jesus

Paul tells the jailer about the promise

Believe in Jesus and you will be saved

Not one person who trusts in Jesus has to worry about going to Hell

The result of the question

 The jailer believed and was saved

 The jailer gets baptized

There was a visible change in the jailers life

Before being saved, he was rough with Paul and Silas

After he’s saved, he washes their clothes and feeds them at his own house

The jailer rejoiced

Just hours before, he was going to kill himself

Hours later, after salvation, he’s rejoicing in the Lord

Have you trusted Jesus, and Him alone, as your personal Savior?

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