Three Christmas Messages

Three Christmas Messages

Luke 2:1-20

It isn’t about gifts and trees and decorations. It isn’t even about families and parties and fun. It is a;; about Jesus and all about Him alone!

So for just a few minutes let’s leave our world behind and visit once again the little town of Bethlehem. Let’s let Jesus transform our Christmas this year.

The heavenly choir preached a message (v.10-14)

(A message of Peace)

A Soothing Message – Fear not

A Salvation Message – Good tidings

Savior – Deliverer from Hell


Lord – the ruler of the Earth

A Showing Message – Pointing to Jesus, this is where you go for Salvation

A Shouting Message – The Angels praised God

 The humble shepherds preached a message (v.15-20)

(A message of Praise)

 A Message of Obedience – As soon as they heard the message, they followed it

A Message of Opportunity – They spread the word about Jesus

An Overwhelming Message – Their circumstances had not changed, but their heart had

The hard hearted innkeeper preached a message (v.7)

(A message of Rejection)

A Message of Sadness – No room for Jesus

A Message of Sorrow – No Jesus, no hope. Know Jesus, know hope.

A Message of Separation

What kind of message is your life preaching this Christmas?

Angels – living a life that points people to Jesus


Shepherds – so filled with wonder and glory that life is fresh everyday


Innkeeper – there is no room in my life for Jesus

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