Outward Signs of Inward Thankfullness

Outward Signs of Inward Thankfulness 

Luke 17:11-19, Luke 18:35-43, Luke 8:26-39

These passages in Luke show us how to be thankful.

There was one who worshiped 

Worshiping with a loud voice

Some things we should be thankful for:

Our sins have been forgiven

We have a home in Heaven

For answered prayers

That we are truly loved by God

There was one who walked

Someone who is not afraid to walk in Jesus

 There was one who witnessed 

To show others how Jesus changed you

We can follow Jesus right where we are

We do not have to go anywhere to walk with Jesus.  He shows us that it is better to worship, walk and witness Jesus around people who knew us before we were saved.

What evidence do we have to show we have a thankful heart?

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