Our High Priest

Our High Priest 

Hebrews 4:14-16

We all know that being saved will keep us from Hell, but there is so much more that just that! The Jews that this letter was written to were used to receiving their gospel from a human priest. This letter tells them that Jesus is our high priest, we do not need a middle man.

Jesus is better than a human priest because:

He is superior

In His personality

He is the Son of Man

In His performance

He is sinless

He offered Himself as a sacrifice

In His people

Those born again hold fast to their profession

We may falter, but never loose our salvation

He is sympathetic

He truly understands what we are going through

He gained this ability by becoming human

He felt love and compassion

He felt joy

He felt pain

He felt hunger and thirst

He felt poverty

He felt anger

He felt grief

He felt disappointment

His Integrity

When Jesus was tempted, it was to prove He could not sin

He is our sanctuary

His prayer

Come boldly unto the throne of grace in our time of need

His promise

We may obtain mercy and grace

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