What part of “All Things” don’t we understand?

What part of “All Things” don’t we understand?

Romans 8:28

Have you ever noticed how medicine is made up of lots of individual parts that separately may have the power to kill us, but mixed together in the right amounts they have the power to heal us.

Have you ever thought that maybe that is how God works? He takes things that we may think will kill us and mixes them together with other things and makes something much better in our lives. That is His promise of all things.

Lets look at the promise of “All Things”

The fact of the promise

We know all things will work for good

God’s reputation rides on His word

The promise

Not most things, not some things – all things are working for our good

This promise includes

Sweet things – the blessings of life

Sorrowful things – King David and Job’s trials

Satanic things – The devil is allowed to work in our lives as well

Sinful things – Suffering brought by our sin can be used for good

God uses all circumstances of life for our good

The basis for the promise

The Awesome power of God is backing this promise

When life closes in, remember this; if you belong to Jesus, God is behind every circumstance you face.

The condition of the promise

This promise is not for everyone – only those who love God

A chilling thought – If all things work for good to those who love God, what would be the case for those who do not love God?

Here’s the question

How can I tell if I really love God?

Are you saved? You can’t love Him if you don’t know Him.

Are you obedient to Him?

Most Christians miss the key to Romans 8:28. God’s promise in turning everything to good is not to bless us, make us happy, or make us wealthy. God is doing all that He does to make us more like Jesus.

Romans 8:28 is to teach us that God has an Eternal plan, and nothing will change His plan.

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