What it’s really like to feel the presence of the Lord

What it’s really like to feel the presence of the Lord

Acts 7:47-49

We are never out of His presence, which begs the question: Where does God live?

The Church is often called God’s House.  God may be everywhere all the time, but he does have a house.  Below are some truths about God.

God’s primary house

The first place God chose to dwell in Adam

Adam was God’s primary design

The Body

The Soul

The Spirit

The Desecration

When Adam sinned, he died

As a result, God moved out

The Desolation

After God moved out, the house of Adam became desolate

When the Spirit died, the Soul took over

The Destruction

Adam died

The primary house of God turned into what it was made from

 God’s Pattern House

The Temple

The Design

The outer court

The human body

The inner court

The human spirit

The innermost court

The place where the priest intercedes

The Desecration

Man sinned by creating idols

The Desolation

Men didn’t know God was gone from the temple

The Destruction

God didn’t need it anymore and destroyed the temple

The perfect house

Jesus Christ

Jesus describes himself as a temple

Jesus was the perfect sacrifice

The Desiccation

All the sins of humanity were placed on Jesus

Our sins were placed on the cross

The Desolation

God turned His back on Jesus because he took on our sins

The Destruction

Jesus died to take away our sins

Jesus suffered for us

God’s permanent house

The pattern changes

This time, God’s not moving, He’s taken up residence in a dwelling place

That dwelling place is you

As Jesus died, He prayed that the comforter (Holy Spirit) would take His place in us

When we are saved, God moves in

The Desecration

Even though our sins are sometimes rampant, this house can not be desecrated because this house has been sealed from sin

When we are saved, our sin is removed

This is not an excuse to go out and sin, though

The Desolation

When we are saved, God is in us.

God can not turn His back on Himself

The Destruction

We have eternal life with Christ

We sometimes need a housecleaning, but we can never fear God moving out

Things to consider


It isn’t about getting man into Heaven, it’s about getting God into man


We we receive Christ as Savior, he have the security that He’ll never leave us


When Adam sinned, the spirit died instantly. The soul progressively died, and ultimately died later.

We mature as we progress, and ultimately live forever with Jesus


When we are saved, God lives in us

Don’t just “dress up” on Sunday, God’s with us all the time.

When we hang up our Sunday closes, we don’t hang up God


Don’t insult God by saying God can’t use you

God can use anybody, no matter your past

 What kind of shape is God’s house in today?

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