Paul’s Postgame Recap

Paul’s Postgame Recap

2 Timothy

It is easy to recap a football game after it’s over, it is much more difficult to tell what will happen before it starts. This is much the same as life, it is much easier to recap your life than it is to tell what’s going to happen. In Timothy, Paul is given his own postgame recap of his life.

Paul played the game well

He never fumbled with the Word of God

He was never tackled by the enemy

Paul described his life as a battle

The word agony is associated with battles

Paul is telling us we are on a battle field and it wont be easy

How do we get into this battle

We must be born again

The moment we are saved, we are in the battle

Who are we battling

Man is not the enemy

Man may be used by the enemy, but is not the enemy its self

It is not our own team

The real enemy’s name is Satan

Where do we get the energy to battle

Our energy comes from the one who lives in our heart

We do not have to fight spiritual battles on our own

What uniform do we wear for this battle

When team play, they have to wear uniforms to tell each other apart

Our enemy doesn’t have a uniform

Our battle isn’t fleshly so:

We don’t use fleshly armor

We do not have to wear a suit and tie

What don’t we use

We don’t use spears of gossip

We don’t use the fouls of backstabbing

We don’t use the Bible as a bat

Who are we competing with

We are not competing with each other

We all have individual courses to follow, sometimes they mesh

We have to be careful not to let jealousy creep in when we look at other’s courses

Who are we battling for

We must keep our mind on who we are battling for

Our only focus in the battle is Jesus

Whether it’s a short battle or a long one, you can still finish well

What is our reward

In ancient times, winners were given oak leaf crowns, but they would quickly fade away

Paul doesn’t want us to focus on crowns and rewards

Paul wants us to focus on the battle

We will receive our reward in heaven

Paul’s recap

He found a good fight

He stayed true to The Message

Not a message, but The Message

There is only one, Jesus died and rose again to cleanse us of our sins

He kept the faith

He guarded the Word of God by staying true to it

He shared the faith

He told others about it

He protected The Message

Not just with his hands, but with his heart

In his last hours, he is still saying he loves Jesus with all his heart

 No matter how hard life can be, it never merits turning from God

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